Gorky Park is not the same as Park Kultury

Screw you, Fodor’s!

I had a great day, anyway. I went to Language Link, met with the teacher whose classes I am taking over, did some school stuff, then headed down to Gorky Park. I managed, while en route, to have an entire conversation with a woman who spoke no English. She explained the title of this blog entry to me, gave me directions, showed me the metro stops to hit, and told me why she doesn’t go to Gorky Park (her toddler is too young). I said a lot of things like Yes! Me, where? Good! Please and thank you. I’m kind of awesome.

Here’s the interior of my flat:



   It’s quite spacious. I was expecting  it to be 75% the size that it is.





Here’s Mr. Gorky, himself:

He is very intently holding a book and, apparently, a beatin’ stick. From this angle he also looks like he is appropriately accessorized with earrings. Oh, Maxie.






I start TEACHING tomorrow. The beginning of my career. The onset of the madness. I’m worried about screwing up royally, so I should do quite well. I know I’m fully invested if I’m this worried. I have all day tomorrow to prepare, then into the lion’s den at 19:00. I’ll report back as soon as I can.



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2 Responses to Gorky Park is not the same as Park Kultury

  1. The Lumpy says:

    Okay…because I am compelled to comment on the little things in photos…
    In the hall shot I am drawn by the cave paintings that make up the wallpaper banner where a chair rail should.

    Oh, and the sign on the wall:
    DO NOT
    in the flat.

    You want you could use
    food and cosmetics
    from kitchen and

    please, keep the
    flat clean
    and maintain order”

    Yeah, I especially like the “and maintain order” directive.

  2. Sally says:

    Yes, maintain order. I have a chronically late roommate, and I am not THAT German. I don’t think either of us is in charge here.

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