Today I made some friends in the park!

Okay, so Claudia (of the Toots and Sally crowd) thought that had a creepy/funny ring to it, but it’s true! I was running and exploring the park, and trying to figure out how the roommate and I got lost the other morning, overheard some English and leaped at the chance to ask about the park. These fluent English speakers now have my email address, and I hope to hear from them. Cheers to not being shy!

I have so many damn photos that I am putting some of them on The Facebooks. I didn’t really want to, but I’ll never get through posting all of them here.

So, what else has happened…I went grocery shopping and my credit card didn’t work in their register, I have now taught two classes, I met a friendly boy kitty, and have now ridden the marshrutka successfully at least twice a day. (More on the marshrutka another time; it deserves its own mention.) I also laughed with two older Russian women about not knowing what a building in the park was. Once again, my ability to converse and understand in non-Russian is paying off. Who knew I had this talent? I wonder if I could somehow turn it into a profit-maker. Maybe tutor people in the art of intuiting what’s being said to you. I could call it “The Understanding of Non-Understanding.” Catchy, huh?

I’ll think about it, as should you.


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