That is the name of a new category I am creating. In my travels, there have always been little interesting quirks to each place; things I think about and wonder why they exist, why I would need them, want them, etc. Russia is *chock-full of oddities to me. Since I have some non-witty days (whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?!?) and there are so many freakishly odd and delightful things to see here, I will post about them when I find them. Of course I will accompany them with photos! Did you really think you needed to ask? Sheesh.

The latest in Language Link news is that I have been asked to teach a French class (maybe). I’m looking forward to possibly finding out what I have kind of been asked to do. We’ll see, yeah?

*I am rather disappointed that chock-full does not have a better back story.


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