Apparently, I am a teen-teaching goddess.

According to my sources (i.e. other teachers), many people here at Language Link are having a terrible time with their teenage classes. I’ve only taught two lessons to mine, so far, but I’ve enjoyed both of them. Teens in these classes do generally come from a privileged class and have grown up in a time of capitalism and far less oppression than their parents and other elders. Maybe the other teachers have no experience with rich American kids, either, but to me, kids are kids are kids. These kids just happen to be growing up with lots of stuff and adulation. Maybe I’m just good at creating a strong presence in the classroom. I hope my class keeps going well; I’m looking forward to getting to know this group.

Actually, what I would like even more is to have less of a gap between classes. I’m using too much money on the metro and marshrutka!


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