Language Geek never sleeps.

I have a confession to make: I was experiencing a little bit of stress because I did not know how to conjugate verbs in Russian.                            I know.

Not stress like one might have over having one’s wallet stolen, but a kind of stress, nonetheless. It was frustrating me to no end to know what I want to say every day to people I run into and to not have the verb forms!!! That anxiety is what makes me call myself a language geek. I was longing to memorize verbs and verb forms. I WILL talk to people!

We covered verbs today in my Russian lesson. I wanted to buy my teacher flowers. I would say I wept for joy, but I didn’t. I think I clapped a little. I then rewarded myself with a good ol’ caramel macchiato at Starbucks in Stary Arbat, then I just wandered.

Boy, oh boy, oh boy! Verbs!!


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