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We have a small Asian man in our cupboard.

I couldn’t read the printing on this bottle? so I don’t know what purpose it served. I also don’t know why someone kept it. Advertisements

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*I speak French like a Spanish cow.

At least I think I do. That’s the French phrase for “I murder French” or “My French sucks major ass and you should all drop this class now”. Perhaps. After my first lesson teaching French in Russia, I feel pretty … Continue reading

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A moment of seriousness.

October 24 always sucks for me. It’s the anniversary of a death. One that I think about almost every day. One that feels like it happened yesterday. October 24 creeps up on me every year and gives me an unpleasant … Continue reading

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Excuse me, waiter, there’s a Lump in my Russia!

Lumpy is here for a long weekend and we’re tearin’ it up right good! In a manner of speaking, that is. It’s been fun to have him see what I see every day, ask him to read Russian signs (because … Continue reading

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My top 3 favorite things to do in Russia:

1. Ride the metro to work during rush hour. 2. Ride the metro home from work during rush hour. 3. Poke out my eyes with a KFC spork.  

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The reason Russian toilets are not good for pooping:

they have a poop shelf. It’s not as visible in the photo, but there is a shelf-like area right above the chute. If you eat somewhat healthily, as I do, you tend to poop regularly. So, when you poop in … Continue reading

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I have a new thingy!

All two of you who read my blog can now follow me via email. Click the doohickey on the right and use the thingy! I thought it might be fun just to see if anyone at all signs up. Besides … Continue reading

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