The reason Russian toilets are not good for pooping:

they have a poop shelf. It’s not as visible in the photo, but there is a shelf-like area right above the chute. If you eat somewhat healthily, as I do, you tend to poop regularly. So, when you poop in a Russian toilet (at least in our Russian toilet), the poop likes to stop on the poop shelf before flushing. No matter where you position your butt, you’re going to leave skid marks, and then the next bathroom user must deal with said skid marks. If you have a solution, please let us know; no one likes to have to pee on top of skid marks.


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3 Responses to The reason Russian toilets are not good for pooping:

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  2. I found those Russian toilets to be a genius design. The pop shelf has water on it, so the pop itself doesn’t just sit there. Then when you flush, it all goes away. I personally never experienced any skid mark problems that are a constant nuisance in my home country where we use western toilets.

  3. Sally says:

    I guess, Brett, that we just have different pooping techniques. Vive la différence!

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