Keep chasin’ that paper.

I am now at 32 hours of teaching, which means that I get 2 hours of extra pay!! Not overtime as we know it in the States, mind you, but it’s still extra pay. I’m also attempting to get in touch with someone who would like lessons for 2 hours on a Saturday, which would give me 2000 extra rubles a week. Yeah, that’s not much in American dollars (divide by 30), but it pays for my Russian lessons for 2 weeks. Which means I’m in the free and clear for saving and other fun stuff. Like haircuts.

AND I just got a personal email from the guy who owns/runs our little teaching dog and pony show, thanking me for taking on the French stuff. I think I’m in. Next I’m gonna hit him up for a raise and a limo ride to work every day. Or maybe my own private metro car. Or Nutella for a year.

Oh, yeah, paper chaser.


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