I just can’t quit you!!!

Racing, that is.

I don’t write about running here that often because I have another blog for that.

Running, for me is peace. It is what keeps me from killing myself and/or others. Sometimes I hate it and I’m glad not to be doing it, but most of the time (especially when the weather gets cold) it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I’m starting to think that racing is like tattoos (or Pringles) in that once you get/do one, you can’t stop. I probably can’t do anymore marathons due to my lack of cartilage, but you can bet that I’m itching to get out there and race! I know that I’ll never win, but there’s something about race day and the feeling in the air that I must have.

The latest endeavor that I posted on Toots and Sally is the Salzburg marathon’s half marathon. Maybe I’ll get a new tattoo before then and stock up on some Pringles.


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