I’ll have some crabby with a side of irritated, please. To go.

I am just not happy all the time. It’s a fact. It’s another fact that I am too damn old to have a roommate, unless his name is Lumpy or their names are Lily, Haggis, and Guinness. I am trying not to build resentments (the quickest path back to the dark place of addiction), and I’m generally successful at living in gratitude. Today just wasn’t part of Sally’s Happy Hut, and now I’m sitting here typing, sending the evil out into the Great Series of Tubes. (I hope this isn’t too much material!)

My one gripe. Really? Really??? You can’t let me know if you’re coming home so I can just lock the fucking door?????

Done. Back to being mindful and grateful.


About Sally

It's all about me. ALL OF IT. ABOUT ME.
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