Time Dilation and the Russian Art of Alien Corpse Preservation

I believe, right now, you’re thinking “WTF?!” Or maybe “What sort of crazy is Lumpy onto now??” I’m thinking it’s more of the former. So, let me elaborate…

Time Dilation, in short, is that whole Einstein experiment about traveling around the world at the speed of light for 1 hour and 50 years pass on Earth. You know, right? That whole relativity thing. Okay…maybe I’m not explaining it clearly…try this. Did that help? No…okay, here’s my point.

Time seems to pass differently for the Lumpy and Sally. Sally is in a new environment with a lot going on. Time seems to pass very quickly for her. As a result, it seems like a long time since I last was in Moscow. For me, the Lumpy, it is almost at a standstill. Other than Sally’s absence, little is changing here at the moment. Time passes more slowly, or, more to the point, little changes. It seems in some sense that it was just yesterday that I took Sally to the airport for her flight to Moscow. Weird, eh?

I’m trying to get my voice back and post more. I just haven’t had it in me it seems…another reason to get running as that’s when I concoct my best posts. 😉

Oh, as for the alien corpse thing. I ate some sort of breaded chicken patty out of the ‘fridge in Sally’s Moscow flat. It sure was tasty, but something seemed off. I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t something a former tenet left in the refrigerator

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