Interesting times in Moscow

It’s kind of crazy to be here for an election. I never in a thousand years thought I would visit, let alone live in, a non-Soviet Russia.  Folks here are generally pretty passive (remember, thousands of years of oppression) and I have heard two different people say that voting was just not their “thing.” I was quite surprised by the protests here. I didn’t even know they were going on, actually, because none of the state t.v. channels did any reporting on them. I’ve read about them online, and now, after the third protest, the media is actually covering the story. I’ve talked about it with some of my students and as the title says, it’s interesting to be here right now.

I’ll write more on this another day, since I’m not feeling very eloquent, and this post is getting more and more scattered.

For the 10 of you who read my little blog, I haven’t been posting because I’ve Been At School. It seems like I’m always there lately, even though I’m working about 4 fewer academic hours a week. I had a lovely birthday, too, with multiple days of celebration. See you all around The Tubes!


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