Same post, different blog

I’m posting this here and in Toots and Sally. It’s about running, but it also has to do with Moscow.

Today was the first real snow we’ve seen here, so of course I slapped on ye olde waterproof trail runners and headed out the door. I was glad to see so many people out walking in the botanical garden and Ostankino. It was like being in any cold-weather city at home.

I surprised myself by realizing that I don’t mind running past, through, or around groups of people here in Moscow. I think it has to do with the fact that people here know they are taking up the whole sidewalk and are used to being bumped and jostled by others, in general, in their public lives. (I once again refer you to the metro.) I scooted through the middle of a group of 3, and no one yelled a smart-ass comment at me as I was running away. They simply took it as normal that one might get touched by someone else if one is spread out in a group in a public park. I’m still reveling in this newly learned information. I think I might seek out large groups from now on while I’m running. Just for shits and giggles.

Enjoy the winter, folks. Get out there and push through a group of walkers. Go on, I dare you.


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