Lumpy On Russia – Prologue

This was about to be a longer post, but I just got back after a long series of flights and I’m tired. And evidently my Firefox was out of day and I WordPress told me that I really really really should update now to experience the best WordPress has to offer.

So, now that I’ve had my full featured Russian Experience (after my Weekend in Moscow a few months back) I feel experienced enough to try to offer some thoughts on Moscow, the Metro, tourism in Russia, etc…I’ll start with my most recent experience: Aeroflot – Russian Airlines

I’ve now had the privilege  opportunity need occurrence of  flying on Aeroflot twice now. Both were 3+ hour flights from Moscow to Amsterdam. Why? Because I like flying though the Amsterdam airport. It’s a peaceful and pleasing experience. It helps make 14ish hours of air travel tolerable. Oh, back to Aeroflot…

Crap…tired…forgot my point(s). Okay, here goes:

  1. You should be capable of checking me in for all segments of my flight. Not just yours. You’re a “SkyTeam” member/partner. If all my flights are on other members, you should be able to do it. Figure it out and don’t offer me to either wait for you to try later or do it myself at my next stop. This is not how a modern global airline works.
  2. Yes, I DO actually want my checked luggage checked through to my final destination. No, I do not want to claim it in Amsterdam and enjoy customs again. Thanks.
  3. The global language of air travel is English. Your front line personnel must be able to communicate the important items of air travel in English. You know, important things like “Chicken or Pasta?”
  4. Yes, I do expect you to give me the “first class” lounge pass that Delta says you are supposed to give me. It printed automatically. Thanks.

Okay, that’s just a lot of complaining on my part. Here’s one of the things that stuck me…okay two things:

A. Russian clap when the plane lands. I don’t get it…

B. And this is the real point, landing is a lot like being on the Metro. On the Metro, everyone crowds the doors before the train comes to a stop. On the plane, everyone unbuckles, gets up, and starts crowding the aisles before the plane comes to a stop at the gate. Further, they the start a rush/push for the exit. None of this “Hey-we’re-all-in-crappy-economy-seating-so-lets-exit-row-by-row” bollux. It’s basically the Metro with wings. See earlier posts from Sally on The Metro.

Lumpy Out

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