Putin is a zombie???

According to my Intermediate students, there are many people who believe that Putin is a zombie. I  had  never heard this before, so I was simply delighted to hear it. I mean, NOW WE’RE TALKIN’!! I just Google-d it, to see what I could  find and the first page didn’t show me anything promising. Nothing even Russian! 

Apparently, it’s a running joke with serious-ish undertones. I asked why, and they said that it may be because of how he looks, or because he just won’t die. Hm. That last bit is a bit scary, actually.

This site has a good photo, at least.

I think I’ll go buy a gun. I have to be able to shoot him in the head, so I better start practicing now.


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2 Responses to Putin is a zombie???

  1. Didion says:

    I love it! Plus, Putin as a zombie explains a LOT.

  2. Sally says:

    I KNOW!!! I am actually sad that I couldn’t find more about this online. I keep meaning to check Google.ru.

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