I’m getting tired.

I can tell that I’ve been here almost 6 months. I’m getting a little tired of teaching. Nothing that a visit from Toots, a few days off, and some extra sleep can’t fix, but I’m definitely burning out a little bit. Teaching 32 hours a week is a lot. It probably doesn’t sound like it to some of you, but I’m in overtime right now, and we don’t technically get paid for prep time. The lethargy will pass. I just have to hang in there. I give it a week, then I’ll be loving it again.

It’s actually cold out by my standards today, and I have to run errands. I’d like to just go running then curl up with my beloved laptop and watch movies all afternoon and evening. I would even just like to study Russian all day. I know. Language Geek raises her verb-tense-loving head…

Stay warm, everyone! If you have even a fraction of the cold we’ve got, you’re pretty damn cold right now!


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