Another stolen idea

On the Mental Illness Happy Hour, Paul Gilmartin started this fantastic thing awhile back called the fear off, in which the guest shares a fear list and  Paul shares his fears, or those of a listener. I love the idea so much that I used it as a discussion topic at my AA meeting, and now I’m doing the same here. The fears I am posting here range from the trivial and ridiculous, to deep and painful. The purpose is to lessen the fear and to make myself a little less crazy by naming them. I hope you can  relate!

  • I am afraid one day that everyone will find out that I am not a good teacher, coach, person, etc., and will end up hating me.
  • I am afraid that I will never find the perfect job. (Make that ANY job at this point. Target won’t even hire me.)
  • I am afraid that I will be doubled  over in pain and living in agony when I am older.
  • I am afraid of the sound of really, really loud motorcycles when they accelerate. My fear response when I hear them starts in my stomach and radiates out through my body, and I feel like running  away as fast as I can.
  • I am afraid of ghosts. When my relatives have died, I have begged them not to come visit me.
  • I am afraid of going through a tollbooth and having no money.
  • I am afraid of getting old and peeing on myself all the time and constantly smelling of urine..
  • I am afraid that when I die, it will be just like I was never here in the first place and no one will even know that I died.
  • I am afraid that Ripley’s (new puppy) head and neck will continue to grow more slowly than the rest of her and she will look like a pinhead the rest of her life.
  • I am terrorized by the little girl in the movie The Ring.
  • I am afraid of getting cancer.
  • I am afraid of Vladimir Putin.
  • I am afraid of getting pregnant because I will absolutely have an abortion, but then I’ll have to live with the emotional aftermath of having an abortion.
  • I am afraid that Lumpy will become a hoarder.
  • I am afraid that I should  have never married anyone and  I am causing irreversible pain, trouble, and chaos in my marriage.
  • I am afraid I will relapse. A big part of this is the fear that I won’t have the strength to go through what it takes to get out of that dark place again, and that this time I will kill myself.
  • I am afraid of missing out on something great.
  • I am afraid of not learning everything I want to learn.
  • I am afraid of  strangers when they are in my personal space. Let’s talk panic!
  • I am afraid of ticks.

I guess I’ll stop there. I have approximately ten thousand more, but I think that is enough for now. 

Please share!


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