It’s hard to keep up with blogging when you’re doing nothing all day

I’m not actually doing nothing, especially if you count how many jobs I have applied for recently. I’m super frustrated and stressed out about the job shit. I am down to one student, and I would like to have at least 5-7. That would make me feel like I’m contributing something to our finances.

Something else I’m doing is reading A LOT of feminist blogs, websites, and such. I just read this article, and it bugged me, so I thought I’d share.

It bugged me because I just started reading the Good Men Project off and on. Now it will be difficult to read them, link to them, or anything, simply because they have posted a rapists article on their site. Apparently, they are missing their own mission of deconstructing stereotypes, etc. Who can support anyone at all who rapes, let alone publish a piece of the rapist’s work? It gives me the creeps at the least, and it outrages me and insults me and all women at the most. Misogyny, misogyny, misogyny.

It feels like change is happening so slowly, that we’re looking at 4 future generations before equality is actually something being that could start to happen.


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