Misheard lyrics

Frequently, I hear “shaved” instead of “saved” when I am listening to music. It makes for some interesting and entertaining songs.

Got any good ones?


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6 Responses to Misheard lyrics

  1. Janes Addiction moderately recently did a comeback album (did you know or care?) and there is a song called “Irresistible Force.” During the chorus, when I heard the song on the radio, I thought they were saying “The irresistible parsnip.” Even after I knew what they were saying, I still heard “parsnip,”

  2. Sally says:

    I’m going to check it out on The You Tubes right now!

  3. This is a test, from a stationary computer, not from IPad or phone.
    But I’ve got some lyrics too – actually plenty of them, because when I was young and didn’t understand English I still loved British (sorry!) groups. So, there is a song of Queen with the chorus “It’s a miracle!”. I thought Freddie sang “It’s America!”.

  4. This thing allows me to comment using twitter account but insists on twittering from my name! Some advertising I guess. This came as a small floating window – my phone doesn’t do such things, so before I just couldn’t go any further because of that. I doubt I would use it if I don’t find how to turn this unconscious twittering off. Why did you chose this ungracious place to do a blog? 🙂

  5. this word was one of the variant of translation for Russian нелюбезный, неучтивый
    The un-welcoming place.

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