Go Boobs!

The latest in The World of Sally:

*It’s fucking COLD! (I thought about leaving the mistake I just typed – it’s fucking COD! whuh???) When I hit the point where I am cold, it’s cold out there. I love this shit, but even I am reaching my limit. -22°F with windchill? Time to run the puppies! Or so I thought, yesterday. I had to stop after one side of the lake and turn around. My forehead ached from the cold. Maybe my internal furnace is finally slowing down.

*I seem to be healthy, but we’ll see what the blood work says. Is it strange that I want to hang out with my doctor? I think she’s great and she always laughs at my jokes. She’s also doing “real” medicine, and wants to know about everything that is going on with me, not just aches, pains, and problems.

* The fucking follow-up shot for Hep A FUCKING HURTS! Sweet Angry Jesus!! I just learned today that vaccines hurt because of the amount of fluid being jammed into your arm. Hep A is 1 whole mg. Who knew such a tiny amount could ache so goddamn bad?

*Monday is Boobie Day! I get to go for my second ever mammogram! The excitement level is palpable, isn’t it? I did request warm hands when they asked if I had any questions about the procedure. I don’t think that ‘s being excessive. I figure if someone is going to mush, then pull my boobs across the room, the least they can do is have warm hands. Am I right??

*I’m heading south of the equator in June. Now I actually, fuh realz have to lose at least enough weight to fit into my fancy clothes. My dress pants are hella tight right now. I blame the Pepsi. And the patriarchy, for that matter. Why not?


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