Above all, fashion.

It’s a great motto for life, as well as running. I was once again thinking about running clothes while I was running. I have this magic ability to almost always have on the PERFECT gear for the weather conditions. Today I went with mid-weight stuff plus earmuffs. Regular running shoes, no trail runners or waterproof shoes, shirt with plenty of pockets. Boom. Bring the fashion sweetness.

I’ve written about this before: running fashion, that is. Since I’m now focusing my whole life on recovery and The Fuzz, it’s even more fun to run in exceedingly ugly and mismatched running clothing. It may be that I have more joy in my life, it may be that fun is more fun now that I’m not hung over or obsessing about what time I’ll start drinking and where I’ll buy the wine. That being what it is, here are some running fashion tips, from one who knows:

  1. Always buy running gear that is super duper cheap. Running gear companies are gouging you. Cheat them as much as possible. Does it matter that you do not have a single piece of running gear that matches a salmon pink wind vest? No, it does not. 
  2. Always buy gear that is practical and suits the purpose you are buying it for. Does it matter that you do not have a single piece of running gear that matches a salmon pink wind vest? No, it does not. Your gear is there to serve your needs, and sometimes the dirt cheap functional shirt with the khaki print is the right weight and super comfortable. 
  3. Always buy gear that fits properly. Does it matter that you do not have a single piece of running gear that matches a salmon pink wind vest? No, it does not. Perhaps you are recognizing a theme here. I HATE my salmon pink wind vest, but it sure does the job. If the color that you really, really want is not available in your size, for the sake of the pennies saved, you may have to go with the pukey yellowish greenish leggings instead of the preferred color. That’s how we roll in the running fashion world.
  4. Remember that there are already a ton of people on the running paths who match. Some of them run as much as you, some of them don’t. Some of them make shit tons of money and can plan outfits. Some cannot. Revel in your unique, mismatched, ugly-ass running gear. You can rest assured that no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you. (If you can count it as an “outfit”, that is.)
  5. Never, ever buy your running shoes for their color. At least your “serious” running shoes. In buying your shoes for the fit, you can more or less guarantee that your clothing and shoes will not match.

These days wearing my over-sized Team Banana shirt that has my name on the back with whatever is (somewhat) clean  makes me happy. I love the shirt and I get shouts of encouragement from strangers when I wear it. I guess, really, what I’m saying is, wouldn’t you rather just be out running?



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One Response to Above all, fashion.

  1. Yes! I love this post and have quite a few heinous color combinations that would make you proud. Keep running, my friend!

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