So when you’re happy (HURRAY!) or sad (AWWW!)…

The Schoolhouse Rock Interjections song describes me lately. Up and down and everywhere in between. (If you are too young to remember what Schoolhouse Rock is, click the link.) Over all of the random moods, I’m mostly tired as hell. I’ve been sleeping between 8-11 hours every night and I’m still exhausted. It has to be something medical, right?

Ugh. On the flip side, I’ve made a few more friends at the dog park, so I have a good time when I’m there. Also She Runs will be starting in a few weeks. If we have registrants. Please, please let there be participants. I am looking forward to hanging out with 9-12 year old girls and acting silly.

On the quarter turn from the flip side, I have a friend who I will call The Thoughtful Marathoner, who has offered to be the writer of the million ideas I have for some kids books. I’m not much of a writer, and I would actually like to get them published, so I need a person with real writing skills to do them. I’d like to do a  Toots and Sally series, as well as a Dogs of the Dog Park book. I have  another friend who I will call the Hands-On Artist, who I will be asking about illustrations. I am quite serious about the books this time around, and am blocking out some daily time to start writing outlines and ideas and such.

This is a lame-o post. I’m just not feeling it. Blah.


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