Multiple choice quiz

Here’s the situation: You are out running around one of the city lakes one day and you realize that the pants you are wearing are too heavy. You deal with it as best you can by walking a little bit, unzipping everything you can, and taking off all extraneous layers. As you run up the slope to the bridge over the channel, it dawns on you that you just might puke, so you stop and walk again and simultaneously get a massive head rush. You are thinking,” don’t faint, don’t faint.” Your issues are silent and invisible, so no one can see that things are just not going that well. Here’s your quiz-when some nice woman comes up to you to ask a question (I think it had to do with directions), do you:

A. Faint and puke at the same time.

B. Answer the question, while holding in the puke. You are seeing purple stars.

C. Answer the question, then faint. And puke.

D. Hold up your finger in a just a sec motion, silencing the question, then puke.

E. Ignore the nice woman.

F. Screech.

G. Give yourself a quick blood transfusion.

H. Let ‘er rip and puke on the woman.

I. Pretend that you did not hear her and walk away.

J. Get distracted and hope she can’t smell how ripe you are from running.

K. Get a hankering to recite some poetry and make up a haiku. (Freestyle!)


Just curious.


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