Optimistically realistic

Jackpot! I have found a place for Ripley and I to inhabit whilst in Santiago. On probing for more information, I have found out that I will be living with 4 men and 3 other women. They read my information, know that I am not in my 20s, am professional, have a job, etc., so I feel like this could be really cool and my Spanish will be fucking incredible after 6 months of living with them. On the other hand, the ad said the person (one) that I would be living with was a woman in her 30s. I can keep Ripley in my room (I expect that I will buy or bring a soft-sided crate for her to stay in when I am not home) and I will be sharing one of two bathrooms, the living area, kitchen, and it looked like I would have a small eating area near my room, or there is a bigger one that we will all share. I think all should go well, I am looking forward to it, but, realistically, I question their ages. They are probably students. I don’t know about living with kids in their 20s again. My first roommate in Moscow turned out to be a huge pain in my ass and messy as fuck. So, I’m optimistic and hoping for the best, but realistically, I have to be prepared for it to be a little loud and messy. Feh.


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