On a happier, more ridiculous note

I need to train Ripley to use a Wee Wee Pad (never in my life did I think I would utter or type those words), so she can relieve herself on the plane and in the airports. The other day I found myself carefully watching where she and Guinness peed, running to the spot, wiping a fresh pee pad on the spot, putting the peed pad on the shelf, then later trying to get Ripley and Guinness to pee on the pad. I know how to do lots and lots of training. My dogs both know which side they are supposed to walk on. They can both do tricks. They both know that they aren’t allowed in peoples’ yards when we walk. It helps that they are both really, really smart. Now I’m stuck and I don’t know how to get Ripley to pee in one spot. She is starting to pee on command, but I’m at a loss on making it happen in a specific spot. Any suggestions???


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