The non-picker upper of the social cues

Yeah, we all know at least one of them. I’ve got one as an acquaintance at the dog park. She pushes a lot of my anxiety buttons because she:

a.) Stands too close – I have space issues!!!!!

b.) Walks in a diagonal into my path – see above.

c.) Does not get her dog off of the tennis ball when I am trying to pick it up to throw for Guinness – her job not mine!!!

d.) Expects me to handle her dog just to have a fetch with my own – see above.

e.) Follows me when I walk away – it just feels icky. I am trying to manage my issues and environment, which is really hard to do when the source is right on my tail.

f.) Laughs inappropriately and really loudly – see above + loud excited noises are not soothing.

g.) Her dog is dominant/aggressive toward Ripley. She says, “Ripley is the only dog he shows any aggression to!!”, but does not make him stop and never walks away – this one flabbergasts me, because we ALL bitch when dogs are aggressive. I guess her dog is above the standard accepted practice.

Now that my bitchin’ about her is over.

Pay attention, friends. Be aware of the space and people around you. They are not all like you. Just sayin’.


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