…and up in the tundra…

Crappy weather. Crappy, crappy weather. Did I say crappy, because I actually meant to say that this sucks ass. It’s supposed to snow this week. No sunshine. Sally, slumped over, tired, whining about the weather, wondering if doubling up on the anti-depressants doubles up on the happiness. You get serotonin! You get serotonin! You get serotonin! (Oprah Winfrey car reference)

On the flip side, She Runs started today, and as usual it was amazing. I ALWAYS get more out of it than the participants do. By the way, send us your girls!!! We would love to have more participants, because it ratchets up the silly to a delightful degree. More jibber jabber, please!



About Sally

It's all about me. ALL OF IT. ABOUT ME.
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