Body Fit Boot Camp

It’s an embarrassing name for someone who just needs a kick start to her fitness. I start tomorrow. I’ll do my best not to giggle at the name while I’m getting my ass kicked. Then again, maybe I’ll just concentrate on breathing and making enough witty remarks to make the trainer laugh. Or not puking.

My goals in doing this “camp” are simply to:

  • Get back the muscle tone I lost when I was busy drinking myself to death. I want to be CUT like I used to be. Why yes, those are my deltoids!
  • Increase my strength. My old injuries and aches and pains will be less painful if I have the body strength to deal with it. Especially my knee.
  • Become the Bionic Woman. I wish.
  • Lose enough fat to allow me to fit into my clothes.

I think it will be fun, considering that I really don’t take myself seriously. I’ll probably fart at some point during a really strenuous move. I kinda hope so, at least. Hee hee!


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