Burpees, mountain climbers, and cherry pickers, oh my!

My massage therapist/friend (I’m calling her Jazz Hands), suggested that I write about the stupid names for the exercises we do in my boot camp class, and of course, I think that’s a fantastic idea. I finally found another woman who laughs as much as I do in class. Here’s a good example of why: “Next, you’re going to do the worm (you know, the famous 80’s hip-hop dance move). If you don’t think you can do the worm….” I snorted. I couldn’t do the worm when it was first popularized. Don’t think I’m gonna start today. Or tomorrow. That shit’s funny. He actually thought that a lot of us would be able to do it. Oh, twenty-something instructor with a stupid haircut. You’re cute.

I’ll start the posts about the moves and my possible alternatives to each move (gettin’ old and immobile!) tomorrow when they are fresh in my head. In the meantime, here is an instructional video on doing the worm, done by the whitest dude they could get.


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