Good theme for the week.

I did not know that there is a crunch called a suitcase. What the hell? Who makes this shit up? I want that job. Naming colors and exercises. I think I could bring in the cash in either field. Here a  link to a video showing you what it is. We did them with our arms out to the side, bringing them into our core on the crunch part. After doing them our way, I think I would actually prefer to call them steamer trunks.

In other suitcase news, I’m down to 6 weeks, so I am getting things out, looking at bags, checking to see that my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and my yoga mat fit in my backpack. I’ve got most of my teaching stuff set aside, and I’m looking through my pen collection to verify that I have enough smooth-writing and red pens.

Last note: Ripley is getting a new soft-sided crate. Her own little suitcase-sized home away from home. If all goes well, she will not chew a hole through it.


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