The least efficient way to pick cherries, ever!

I cannot for the life of me figure out why these exercises are called cherry pickers. This is not what we do, but WHO WOULD EVER PICK CHERRIES LIKE THAT????? This  is what we do, but once again, WHY? I’ve picked cherries, and neither one of these moves is gonna get me a full bucket. I’d probably get laughed out of the cherry grove if I was doing that shit. I guess you could do the first one if you are only picking up the cherries that have fallen from the tree to the ground. Am I analyzing too much?

Speaking of travel…I’m leaving in one month. ONE MONTH. ONE MONTH!!! I’m still accumulating my teaching stuff, putting it all in one place in preparation for packing. I sure do get excited about games and office supplies.

Here’s the view from where I’m sitting right now. Enjoy.

Surely you have something to eat up there...

Surely you have something to eat up there…


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