…and this is why Ripley is my emotional support dog…

I took both of the canine sections of The Fuzz to the dog park today, and realized, as I have before, that sometimes even the dog park is overwhelming to me. Some dogs have such frenetic energy and not so great listening skills or doggy etiquette. I had a few of those around me today. Not just one, but about three, I would say. Okay, two and a half. One of them was only naughty and hyper when his companion dog was. Anyway, when I bring Guinness, I know that I will be throwing the ball the whole time I am there. She’s obsessed and I’m okay with that, because I can more or less manage her. It’s when other dogs take her ball, run away with it, drop it, and leave it for another ball thief to come along and take that it gets frustrating. Guinness then finds someone else with a ball and that ball becomes her obsession. I don’t think all dogs are going to be able to handle giving the ball back. Ripley doesn’t usually, so I get it. I guess it’s the multiple dog thing that ends up giving me a lot of anxiety. When I start walking away so I can manage myself, and two dogs that are not mine start jumping  on me and trying to get the ball from me, it makes it worse. When the owners don’t call their dogs off, I start getting angry, which, if left unchecked, will turn to rage.

I know it’s ridiculous. I do have the ability to step out of it and look at it from a distance, and it’s all just kind of stupid. It’s hard to do that in the moment, though, and since I already have space issues, it ends up becoming a problem some days. Today was one of those days. I started to realize that my chest was really constricted and that I was feeling invaded and overwhelmed, and tried to walk away, but the whole pack of dogs and people started following me. Ugh. Perhaps I should invest in a big sign to wear that says, “PLEASE BACK OFF: I HAVE SPACE ISSUES,  ANXIETY, AND I’M AN ALCOHOLIC. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOU COOPERATION.” Do you think that would do it? Maybe I could make a bunch and become rich. I can’t be the only one!

I hope you have a far less anxious day than I have so far!


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