Stupendously overdue post

Well, it’s been a week. It feels like 2-3 weeks. Here is a nice, bulleted list for you of all the things that have happened:

  • Ripley was amazing on the flight and held it for something like 13 hours.
  • Got stopped at customs because the vet had not written Ripley’s info properly.
  • Had an apartment mix-up, Jody saved the day and made a last-minute reservation.
  • I have spent an amazing amount of time stumbling through Spanish and not doing too badly, in my own opinion.
  • I’ve realized that I have a harder time understanding Chilean men than women.
  • I have been assigned a normal amount of hours and have only taught 9 due to cancellations and mix-ups. Niiiiiiice.
  • I have been pleased by the facility of using the metro here. No one touching me for no reason, no one staring at me for much longer than I am comfortable with.
  • It feels good here. People are happy. There’s no sense of heaviness in the air. Buildings  are not all gray, some are painted in bright colors, and there aren’t just rows upon rows of Soviet-era apartment buildings. I see mountains, blue sky, smiles, and people who are kind. This may all change, but for now, I am taking it in and enjoying it.
  • I met a woman who also worked at Language Link in Moscow. We’re gonna dish.
  • Everyone loves Ripley. She gets to be off-leash in the city more than she did at home, and she’s turning out to be really, really good at it.
  • Some of the street dogs here are super friendly, and recognize me already as someone who will pet them and talk to them.
  • Churrascos. That one word is sufficient.

So, for now, things are good. I think I might actually have to teach most of my hours next week. Maybe not.  ; )


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