New friends and old places.

I met a new friend through a  coworker today and we walked up Cerro San Cristobal. That was interesting because there are a SHIT TON of cyclists going up, and we are all in the road. Then there are the fighting stray dogs, AND there are free exercise classes in a couple of spots. I’m already planning on running the hill next week, and possibly doing an exercise class afterwards.

So New Friend has a car. I will do my best not to beg her to drive me to the Andes, but it’s gonna be hard. She drove us to a market where there were NO gringos, and the prices were stunning. It was fun being there, too. Tons and tons of ripe avocados, fresh-looking oranges, grapefruit, cilantro, squashes….I’m glad I had the chance to go with her; now I can take it on by myself.

Right now I’m sitting here, trying to cook chorizo on a burner that doesn’t even allow me to boil water, waiting to eat my microwave-cooked rice, and the most delectable avocado, ever! (Ever, so far.) One more week in this place and then I can eat real food that does not take a full hour of cooking. Wheee!


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