Oh, the things I could do if I only had the InterWebs.

This is just a quick post while I have access to the great wide webs. In the evening, I get kicked  off every 2 minutes, then I get pretty angry, so I’m listening to podcasts in the evening and playing Solitaire and Mahjongg.

My room here is freezing!! It was also more or less unfurnished, so I bought an inflatable bed, an exercise ball, and a space heater. I live in more of a “neighborhood”, so there’s grass, and there are some super nice houses. It reminds me of San Antonio in some respects. Ripley and I walked and explored about 3 hours. I like the neighborhood.

Of course, I have already found the race I would like to run. I’d like to do the 1/2 marathon, I think. Looks hilly. Right up my alley.

I have to go take care of some more bidness, so this is a short one today. Besides, my fingers are starting to go numb…


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