Hurry! I’ve got two bars of signal!!

That’s how I feel about the internet here. The wifi at work is sad, the connection here sucks, and I ate in an empanada place that had wifi and I got kicked off in the first 5 minutes. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Quickly, before it goes down…

I like the people here so far. No one has been overtly mean to me, and everyone that I talk to is willing to help me out with the language and directions. They are not unlike the French in that they may lie when giving the directions, but they always help.

School is school is school. I have a few students who are higher ups in their companies and they are just assholes. Actually, when I think about it, there’s just one. He keeps trying to tell me that things don’t “sound right”, and that he’s “never heard that before”. Both of  which would be correct because he’s barely out of the low intermediate level. Sometimes I find my eyes glazing over with him because he’s right wing and feels the need to berate the poor people and their expectations sometimes.

Now that the housing debacle is over, I’ll try to do some sightseeing on the weekends. How exciting!

Well, I thought I had more to say. Cheers!


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