Trying to settle in

I  feel quite comfortable here. People are normal. My kind of  normal. Not too stary, not too distant. Not too pretty, not horribly ugly (think Russia). Not too kind, not too cold. They could all live in the Midwest of the U.S. and fit in a matter of days. I feel somewhat at home, yet it’s taking me a while to settle in. I think it’s because I’m technically living in someone else’s home, even though I’m paying to be here. Also, Ripley is going through her teenage years and  I feel like I need to strangle her sometimes. Then I feel like I’m a  terrible pet owner and I’m ruining her little doggy life because I brought her here. Ugh. Teaching, though, is my consistent source of the aforementioned “normal”. It’s going well, it’s my steady thing that can be relied upon, and it’s what I can go to when I feel unbalanced.

I’m having some trouble medication-wise. Lumpy sent me my next batch about 3 weeks ago and they still aren’t here, so I’m going through withdrawal from my main drug. I’m kind of shaky and nauseous, and a little irritable, to boot. Oh, medication. I love/hate you so much. I need you AND I’d like to stick a boot up your ass. I have an appointment with a psych on Thursday, but I gotta say, I’m dreading the next few days. And the cost of the appointment.

So, language-wise, I’m really popular with the drivers that take me to the farther companies. They all think my Spanish is pretty good and they all try to speak English with me. I guess I can call these folks my peeps. So, a few days a week, I have a crew. I haven’t made myself study Spanish since I’ve been here, but I still feel like it’s getting better, partially thanks to the drivers. It’s pretty cool to have a crew.

I’m starting to not be able to concentrate, so I am going to stop here before the lack of meds REALLY takes over.


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