Do dogs really need neck gaiters??

I think not. I would even conjecture that most dogs don’t need sweaters or jackets, either. The oddness of it all here in Chile, is that people actually put fleece jackets and neck gaiters on the homeless dogs. I find it endearing, yet completely fucking stupid at the same time.

This is going to be a random post with topics not related in the least. I temporarily have internet because I’m in the kitchen where I can actually get signal. Apparently, it’s the only place in the damn house, also. Saturday someone is coming to install internet HERE so we will no longer be siphoning from sharing with the neighbor. Hmph. We’ll see.

I  need to study Spanish. My accent is not bad, which surprises me every time I talk, but geez, I don’t know any words. And I keep mixing up verb tenses.

Right now there are massive sales on winter and fall coats, and even though I am superty duperty stressed about money, I just bought two light coats for 40.00. Not each. $40.00 en punto. For those of you playing along at home, that would be 20,000.oo Chilean pesos. Bam!

I put a singles ad for Ripley on an expat blog that is quite useful here, and I don’t think I’ve got any takers, but one guy did think I was looking for an S & M partner. Why that would be in the pet section, I don’t know, but Ripley said no, so we didn’t contact him. Her instincts are pretty good, like that.

I’ve put some photos up on the Face Books, but I can’t emphasize enough the startle reaction that the “oh shit” gates cause. I call them oh shit gates because you don’t normally hear and  can’t see the dog inside coming until they bark and growl right next to you, which would be in Ripley’s ear. Oh SHIT! is one of the thoughts that occurs in these moments, thus, oh shit gates.

My schedule is about to fill out a little more in a week or so, and I’ll be teaching general English 2x a week in the evening, from 19:00 to 22:00. Once again, for the kids playing along at home, that would be 7p – 10pm. (Come on now, have you not been anywhere outside the U.S.? Learn the 24 hour clock, for the baby Jesus’ sake.

I think that catches me up. Hope you enjoyed the complete lack of continuity. I did. Ripley definitely did.

Oh yeah, Lumpy’s coming here in September!!

Now you all be careful out there.

Word of the day: ensconced. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it?


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