I need to replace some things

Everything is still going quite well. The company I work for is incredibly disorganized, we have a shit copier, and all of the teachers have been lied to at one point or another by the academic director. All in a day’s work, my friends. I think that everything is SO MUCH BETTER than Moscow, that none of it seems that terrible to me. No, let me be honest. The fucking copier pisses me off to no end. That really is a minor part of my day, though. Everything is still going well for me. I’m really, really happy here. I have gone hiking twice now, I like my students/classes, and people here are good and kind, mostly.

You may be wondering what needs to be replaced. My freakin’ UNDERWEAR!!! Ripley has decided that she likes to chew my underwear AND pajamas, so I am down 4 pairs of underwear and one pair of pajama bottoms. Witness the carnage/evidence:

Want crotchless panties? I've got just the dog you need!

Want crotch-less panties? I’ve got just the dog you need!

I just realized even today, that she must have started on the pair I am wearing. I’m going to have to throw them out at the end of the day. No, my underwear has not been sitting on the floor. She has been managing to get into an open backpack where I keep the dirty clothes. I guess that will be zipped up from now on, right?

Well, I’m off to the mall. Gotta get some things.



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