It’s hard to look studious when you’re eating a chocolate chip muffin. *

Well, here I am at the Stars and the Bucks again, since we have NO connection at our house now. It’s time to negotiate lower rent, seeing as how wi-fi is “included in my rent.”

Life is plodding on in a great way. Slow and steady and happy. The way I’ve longed for it to be for quite a while now. Yes, highs and lows, but more or less steady on. It feels pretty darn good. (Damn, I probably just cursed it. Let’s see what happens with the next bout of PMS.)

I finally found some trekking maps!!! I’ve been looking everywhere I go. This is the store. I think Lumpy and I are pretty much set for the places I have planned for us to go. Suhhhweeeet.

I guess I’ll go surf the ‘net some more, before I get kicked out.

*Reference that only Lumpy will know. Sorry!



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