In a world of hiking and puppies

there would never be war. Don’t you think? Everything is right in the world when I can see it from way up high. I keep repeating the same concept, but it seems more true each time I write or think about it. Yesterday’s foray included a lot of walking to get there, a really, really short bus ride, and a super friendly cab driver. And horse poop.

The latest at the Crazy House (where I work), is this:

  • The academic director is quitting.
  • The woman who does the schedules and is the main contact with all of the companies we work in was fired.
  • Another guy’s contract was up, so he’s gone from the office, as well.
  • Two teachers got fired.
  • There was a grand fuck-up/misunderstanding about how we get paid for certain classes.
  • We still have too many teachers for the hours available.

This could go either way. I’m just glad that I am still working, frankly. However, I am also filled with glee at the shake up. I’m the kind of person who usually does well with a certain amount of chaos, so I’m planning on sitting back and enjoying the roller coaster ride.

I have one private student who just paid for my chiropractor appointment (AWESOME! I’m somewhat back in alignment), and I’m starting Spanish lessons next week.

How’s that for the weekend update?


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