Where’s the damn menopause?????

Yeah, yeah, too much personal information. It is my blog, after all.

I’m just saying that some of us have known for a long time that we don’t want children. Can I do something to induce menopause? It’s not that I’m looking forward to the hot flashes and stuff, it’s that I am positive that periods are a waste of my time and money. Think about it, ladies. We have to buy some form of protection every month, or find a reusable solution that can be sanitized. I found this online, and it looks like from my age now until I won’t need them anymore, I’m looking at about $600.00. I can’t even think about how much I’ve spent up until now. That money could have been put to better use, I am sure. With what I have paid in my life in lady products, I probably could have paid off my grad school loans. Sickening.

Menopause, I long for you. Let’s cut the shenanigans and just get going on this thing, ‘ey?


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