A less than exciting and wonderful day

8:00 wake up

9:20 notice that the taxi to take me to Watt’s is not here

9:30 start texting and making calls

9:35 taxi shows up

9:50 attempt to enter the building for class, have to go around because construction is finally almost finished

10:00 told that student is in meeting and class is canceled

10:05 man follows me out and keeps speaking when I say I don’t understand everything and that he needs to call our coordinator

10:10 someone (same man?) calls me and keeps speaking when I say I don’t understand everything and that he needs to call our coordinator

10:15 taxi driver attempts to translate. I speak Spanish with him, he understands, does not relate the information to the people at Watt’s who are on the phone with him.

10:30 arrive home, text coordinator, she is going home, but will see what she can find out for me

11:00 walk dog

12:00 eat one of my 3 kilos of oranges, wash it down with some Coke. Throw in some peanut butter and crackers for good measure. Talk to Lumpy in there somewhere.

Do stuff

Do stuff

Do stuff

3:00 metro to meeting

4:00 meeting


6:00 talk to friend about depression and have  some delicious tea with some crazy grass stuff that is supposed to help with depression.

8:00 come home

8:05 feed dog

8:06 walk dog

8:15 park, find other dogs and owners at park

store, cookies, walk, walk, interwebs


Word of the day: riveting

Word Origin & History  (dictionary.com)

c.1400, from O.Fr. rivet, possibly from M.Du. wriven “turn, grind.” The English word may be directly fromM.Du. The verb is attested from early 15c. Meaning “to command the attention” is from c.1600; riveting(adj.) in this sense is from 1854.




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