It appears that I need some new hiking boots. See below:

I'm losing my sole?

I’m losing my sole?


038The accompanying slapping sound when I catch my toes on things (frequently!) is annoying. Sally the Gear Geek is thrilled to be buying new boots, but Sally the Poor doesn’t want to put out the pesos. (Gear Geek is winning out, as she always does.)

I’ve been pretty icky, due to the lack of sun, but I got to spend today hiking with some fantastic companions, and without Ripley and Her Butt. I missed her anyway. I was SO DAMN tired during the hike. Most likely the one of the many gifts of depression that I have been enjoying this last week. A big difference that I’ve noticed  in my depression here, is that overall, I still feel pretty awwriiiiggght, I just have more apathy than normal, and I find it an effort to wake up in the morning. Tomorrow, for example, I will probably get up early to deal with Ripley and Her Butt, then I’m sure I’ll go back to sleep for another few hours. Oooh, except BOOTS! But, I don’t have debilitating feelings of isolation and being stuck, here in Santiago. I still feel connected somehow, and for that I am beyond grateful. It keeps me kind of sane, in my very own “special” version of sanity.

Teaching is still great, and still feeds my soul, so I’ve learned that it’s safe to rely on it now. The enjoyability of it has been pretty darn reliable. Also, on the hike today The Great Banana in the Sky sent me some butterflies. How does she always know?? Hee hee. I can still hear that giggle following me, too!

The Lump will be here in one week!!


“That is all I want in life: for this pain to seem purposeful.”
― Elizabeth WurtzelProzac Nation


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