Helpful hints by Sally; metro edition.

When you are packed into the metro like sardines, it would behoove you to think of others. When you decide that you absolutely must have that thing in your pocket or bag  right now, you need to consider the fact that you are (not likely to; ARE) going to elbow someone’s boob, head, back, shoulder, butt, or arm. If you also need that other thing out of your bag or pocket, remember the previous statement and realize that people generally don’t like being poked in the boob, head, back, shoulder, butt, or arm. When you then need to take a phone call, or get that other thing from your bag or pocket, please refrain from acting surprised when you get yelled at by the surrounding crowd of people.

*Also, it is generally unacceptable to break out your best dance moves on the metro when you are crushed body to body and no one can breathe, let alone move.

Things to consider, friends.


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