If I had known it was going to be a dance party, I would have dressed appropriately.


My race today was supposed to start at 9:00, but we had to first spend a half hour “warming up” and dancing. Fun, but can we start the running now please? Please? That was a new experience for me, and it was hi-lar-i-ous to be standing near what had to be one of maybe ten women in all of Santiago who couldn’t dance. Inside, I had a giggle fit.

Those of you who race will understand this next part. No matter what kind of shape I’m in, no matter if I have trained or not, no matter how tired I am, I ALWAYS size up the crowd. I don’t think I’m fast or anything, but I’m always thinking, “I think I’ll go faster than her. I’ll pass that woman, for sure. I know I’ll outrun that dude…” It’s kind of sad, but it’s how my brain works when I race. I ended up doing what I wanted; I came in at 39:00 on the clock and probably 38:45-ish with the chip. I was hoping to hit between 38:00 and 41:00. Check.

I did end up passing almost everyone that I picked out before starting, and almost all of the people who sprinted past me in the first 2k. When we hit 3k, I could hear people panting and wheezing around me. Rookies! Nubes! Amateurs!! Heh. It is nice to have race strategy even when I’m not really racing. It’s also nice to have spent all that time training and learning what my body can and can’t do at each point of the race. I think I kicked it up to a 5 min/km for the last 3k. My butt is sore enough to make me believe it.

I had a good morning. I think there’s a Brooks all women race coming up in October. If I’m here and not camping, I’m in!




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