Sleepless Sally = really dumb mistakes

Yesterday I FORGOT TO GO TO MY CORFO CLASS. Who does that???? Apparently, I do. AND, one of the people from CORFO/the government showed up. Oops. Why anyone showed up on the last day is beyond me, but it’s their program, and obviously they can do what they want, regardless of my own personal schedule and lack of sleep.

10 years ago, I would be shitting my pants right now, but at this point, I am thinking that I messed up, I know why, and oops; now let’s get the rest of the show on the road. Move forward. Breathe. Know that in the end, it’s all going to be okay.

As the title says, I haven’t been sleeping enough, so I am very forgetful. I’m also kind of dazed, and then let’s just put the icing on the cake with fear of sinking super low. I was sick one day (24 hour flu or sleep deprivation???), have made some dumb mistakes (missing an entire class), and have forgotten half of the tasks that I had set out for myself to complete before next week. (How ’bout that excellent use of present and past perfect, huh???)

The good news is that CORFO is done. No more averaging 5-6 hours of sleep, knowing that I need about 7-9 to feel okay. The other good news is that I have a bowl of cherries next to my elbow, Ripley is down for the count, and I have the apt to myself for a little while. So, on that, I will now proceed to geek out and listen the the History of English podcast.  Language geeks rule!


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