I wouldn’t trade a single wrinkle.

I figure that I’ve earned every wrinkle on my face. I’ve been thinking about age differences again, because, as is typical, I am probably the oldest of all of the teachers at The Language Company (TLC). I know I don’t look my ripe ol’ age of 43, but I am definitely seeing the signs of ageing. I’ve got some gray hairs that are sometimes visible, sometimes not; no idea how that works, and I have some pretty deep wrinkles forming. I think about being 25 again, and I would never go back. I don’t miss my younger years. I miss the experiences sometimes, but I am glad to be my age, and I’m willing to have the visible signs of 43 years on my body. To me, they are all a reminder. Not unlike my tattoos. I have laugh lines around my eyes and mouth, because I’ve had a lot of things to laugh about with great friends, so how can I complain about that? I’ve got “French speaker” wrinkles around my mouth; when you speak French you end of pursing your lips a lot more, so I’ve got the lines to show all the French I’ve been able to speak. A reminder of the travels and experiences I’ve had in France, and teaching French. Another non-complaint.

I’ve said before that dealing with an ageing body can be difficult, and the saggy bits are sometimes hard for me to be okay with, but the frame underneath is still solid, and the sore parts are there because I have pushed myself to go beyond what I thought I could do. I can’t be upset about that. How many people can say they’ve hit their stopping point, then gone on? I know a few, but not many. I’m glad to be in their company.

So, here’s to the wrinkly, gray-haired, sore, and saggy!

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” Coco Chanel (1983-1971)


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