God, I hope this is the last move.

yep. Moving AGAIN. Dude next door never learned that I can’t sleep when he shouts into his phone at 1 a.m., so I’m a-movin’ on. No more he’s-taking-too-damn-long masturbation sounds. No more t.v. so loud that I can’t hear my music or movie that is right in front of me. I have found a new phat pad that will serve as Sally’s Digs and where the Sallyism will continue. Accompanied by shenanigans, to be sure.

The Benefits of the New House:

1. It’s a house.

2. The couple who bought the house are running an outdoor adventure tour operation downstairs!!!!!!!

3. The woman is German. ‘Nuff said, stereotypes and all. I should have bought a dirndl when I was in Austria. (Why Pamela Anderson is modeling for this company is beyond my comprehension.)

4. They dig Ripley.

5. There’s a big backyard.

6. There’s a gatito/boy cat, who doesn’t seem the type to take any shit from Ripley.

7. I will be sleeping in a grown up bed. A real, queen bed. Like a real, grown up woman.

8. I will be able to watch the sun set on the mountains every evening.

9. I’m at least another 2-3k closer to the mountains.

10. It’s a house.

11. THE BED!!!!

12. They are buying me a sofa-bed for my room. (HINT: YOU SHOULD COME TO VISIT)

13. It’s a  10 minute walk to the metro. I’m closer now, but I’ll gladly take the trade.

14. It’s 2 minutes from a running/biking path, so I can easily commute on my bike.

15. Bed. View. Landlady.

16. Sigh. I don’t want to move again.

P.S.-I’m sorry there have been no songs on pan flute. I don’t have any jobs near the old office right now. Hopefully, the pan flute possibilities will open up next month.


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