I kicked a dog, and I liked it.

Actually, two dogs. Felt good both times.

During all the walking we’re doing with the latest move, we’ve met a couple of less than wonderful dogs. Yesterday evening, someone’s German shepherd was loose in the streets, and geez, that fucker honed right in on Ripley. She is mostly harassed by shepherds here, so she is scared of them. She started squealing like the stuck pig that she is, and I started kicking the dog. The thing sure was FAT, on top of it all. An unexercised, obese, German shepherd. It all adds up to stupid owners. Scary that all the kicking did nothing to deter the bastard.

The second was this morning. There was another dog that was out that shouldn’t have been. This time was some workers’ fault. They left the gate open at the house they were working on, and this boxer/pit? mix came charging at Ripley. Same as the fucking shepherd. If you know dogs at all there’s a certain look and body stance they get when they single out a person or dog to attack. I saw it coming, kicked this dog, too, but it still took a good 3 kicks to get the dog to back the fuck off.

You could be in the richest neighborhood in this city and this shit would still happen. I wish the dog education would speed up here. Until then, have foot, will kick, I guess.

Fucking bastards.

Here’s Ripley “helping” with the move.



Still waiting.

Still waiting.



Still waiting.

Still waiting.


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